czwartek, 29 listopada 2012

Food Diary App - which one is the best?

What is the best food diary app? 

Let me tell  you something important, since I've tested many of these food journal apps. 99% of them make it hard for you to actually add a meal!

And how you are supposed to keep your food diary up to date when adding a dish, a most important action we do in food journal apps, is a BIG pain?

I couldn't handle it and I'm gonna be honest here, I gave up and I've stopped keeping a food journal for a while. Then I've found a Odish - a social food diary app for android.

How to keep a food diary with Odish?

Odish is a social food diary app for android that makes recording a dishes super easy. You have two ways to add a dish:
  • Take a voice note (super fast, you just speak it!)
  • Take a picture (just take a picture and publish, that's it!)
This food diary is good for kids, too. The interface looks really nice and in fact, my kids love to use it, they walk around the house yelling to their smartphones what they eat :) At the end of the week we all sit down and analyze what we eat and how we alll can improve :)

Check for yourself how easy is to add a dish with this food diary app. They have a website, too.

Here are some screenshoots from the Odish Food Diary: